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Tasty Layers Custom Cakes got started over a decade ago, with one dedicated woman baking cakes in her home. Rhonda worked tirelessly to produce baked goods she could feel proud of. Word spread about her delicately crafted custom cakes, and the business blossomed.

Rhonda soon moved Tasty Layers Custom Cakes to the company's current location, where it has been serving up delectable goodies for 12 years. Customers can stop by anytime to sample the exquisite cakes, pastries and cookies that resulted from one woman's dream.

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While the ownership has changed, the recipes remain the same

While the ownership has changed, the recipes remain the same

Kayla started making custom cakes when she was in high school. Even at this young age, she had a knack for mixing, baking and icing gorgeous layer cakes. After working for Tasty Layers Custom Cakes for 2 years, her passion led her to take ownership of the company in July of 2018.

Kayla brings the same creativity and dedication to the bakery that Rhonda did. Her fresh perspective has made Tasty Layers Custom Cakes one of the most popular cake shops in the Burton, MI area.

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